What is “Bamn: Rob’s Campaign”?

In its second year as an ongoing online comic series, turned a spectacular new corner just in time for our anniversary! In an unprecedented move, co-creator and regular artist Jay Payne temporarily put down his pen and made room for the incoming Matt Rawson (the critically-acclaimed Colonial Comics) as he joined regular writer Troy-Jeffrey Allen (District Comics) for ROB THE VIKING IN…A CAMPAIGN OF A COURAGE. Released on May 7th, 2016 at, this 12-part weekly event was a brief departure for the series as the story focused on one character instead of its growing cast.

You can read ROB THE VIKING IN…A CAMPAIGN OF COURAGE for free at this link. Continue scrolling below for more about how this unique project came along.

Rob Promo 3

Art by Matt Rawson

 For nearly 100 installments, the title character Bamn — a washed up pro wrestler — has been training a crew of downtrodden teenagers on how to defend themselves against the bullies of their high school. Things turn ugly as the kids launch into an all-out war for respect inside their school cafeteria. It’s at this point that A CAMPAIGN OF COURAGE picks up to zero in on Rob, the only member of Bamn’s trainees still left standing.

Followers of the series will recognize Rob as the unassuming Viking warrior who rounds off BAMN’s cast of wannabe wrestlers. True to the series’ “anti-bullying” roots, Rob’s standalone adventure delves into how “The Nubian of Newfoundland” overcomes his schoolyard tormentors. The catch: While his friends are preoccupied with their own high school drama in the real world, Rob goes on a fantasy-themed adventure of his very own. In the process, fans will discover what makes the shy seafarer tick and what ticks him off. Readers will also get to see how his love of fantasy films, collectible card games, and roleplaying factor into his backstory.

Rob Promo 2

Concept art by Matt Rawson

“Ever since we started BAMN a few years back it’s been my intention to focus on each of the teen characters individually and Rob specifically,” says Troy-Jeffrey Allen, co-creator of Bamn. “When Jay and I were conceptualizing the characters he had this Viking with an afro in the mix. I instantly loved the absurdity of the character, which in turn made me want to totally own the idea of it. I started thinking a lot about black cosplayers and how their options for characters are limited. That got me thinking about how that makes it even more important that you commit to the cosplay — how that in itself could be a point of ridicule from peers. Organically, that connected to the comic’s theme of bullying. That’s when I knew that that was the story I wanted to tell.”

“I’m excited to finally get to read the comic as a fan,” says artist Jay Payne about Rawson joining the creative team. “I remember Matt doing a BAMN art piece for us at a convention. It was exciting to see someone else’s interpretation of the character. That instantly got us thinking of how we can occasionally flip the genre of the comic and bring in new artist to just play with the world of BAMN — to see another artist’s point of view and let them express themselves with our cast.”

Rob Promo 1

Concept art by Matt Rawson

Artist Matt Rawson, who typically has worked on historically-based comics utilizing a traditional pen and ink style, is eager to jump into the digital world of BAMN. “Coming into an established story that has had a very specific visual style from the beginning proved a challenge in figuring how I was going to approach these characters in my own way. Then, at a certain point, I just stopped worrying about it and started drawing some comics,” Rawson laughs. ” Jay and Troy are the main men on BAMN. Regardless, I’m definitely having a damn good time getting to play in the universe!”

After A CAMPAIGN OF COURAGE’s 12 installments concludes, readers are encouraged to rejoin Rob as he catches up to the larger cast on Webtoons, the current home of the ongoing BAMN comics story. “You’ll definitely see a major transformation in Rob when it is said and done,” explains Allen. “Bamn really is about finding strength in the face adversity. Every character in the series has to sort that out, and Rob is the first one. Expect him to ‘get gud’ on Matt’s watch.”

For updates and more, visit You can begin ROB THE VIKING IN…A CAMPAIGN OF COURAGE at this link, and you can then continue the story with Chapter 11 (“Steel on steel”) or experience Bamn from the beginning by visiting the BAMN! section of webstoons here.

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