Hey there, you pencil-necked geeks!

So, last week’s BAMN is officially going to be the last new page of BAMNcomics.com. Admittedly, we wanted to end on a bit more of a cliffhanger, but our migration to Webtoons has proven to be an undertaking. That’s no shade to the fine folks at Webtoons.com, it just means that our particular comic has to be re-purposed so that it can be an ideal experience for the new format.

What am I talking about? Well, let’s take you into the process a bit…


A typical Bamn page on BAMNcomics.com is structured very much like a regular print comics page (I wont bore you with dimensions). For an example peep the image above.

Webtoons — the soon to be new home of BAMN — is structured for both PC readers and mobile readers. This means that putting an entire print-sized page on Webtoons is a no-go. Particularly if we plan to appeal to readers who use smartphones. Which, quite honestly, is one major reason we’re moving to there in the first place. So Jay and I had a brilliant idea: Let’s chop the comic up by panels to make the bubbles easier to read and to zero in on all the drama. Like so…

Panel 1

Panel 2Panel 3Panel 6

The catch: We have 150 pages and God knows how many panels to get through. It’s a thing.

So what does that mean for you? Well, because we’re knee-deep in the migration, it means that there will be no new BAMN this week (but you knew that already). But we will be back on Webtoons starting Wednesday, August 9th.

As for BamnComics.com, every chapter and every page of the comic will be coming down. Yeah, so sad. We know. BUT you can see them all again when BAMN comes to…yep, Webtoons in 2 weeks! We’re going to keep BamnComics.com up, however. For what purpose? That’s currently being sorted out. Suggestions have ranged from an online store to production blog. Maybe all of the above. Regardless, we will keep you updated.

See you in 2 Wednesdays,

Troy-Jeffrey Allen

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