Hey, wrestling fans!

Over on Webtoons, BAMN! has reached a pivotal moment for title character.

What moment exactly? Well…


Okay. So that may not be all that exciting, but if you’ve been following BAMN! up through this point, you’ll know that a face off is about to happen between Bamn and Slamn — two characters who come from two sides of the same coin. Both characters have a long history that won’t be covered in this installment of BAMN, but expect it to unravel once we’ve concluded our high school portion of the story.

Which brings me to our next subject: We’re taking a break. After 15 chapters and an amazing cliffhanger (above), we need a bit of a rest. Well, not even a rest really. We’re takinga hiatus so we can get ahead of our readers.

Moving to Webtoons has caused us to reassess the creative process of BAMN! When we were on WordPress, we were able to update a page a week. Webtoons works a bit differently, though. It requires episodic updates and uploads that tell a full scene. Basically, instead of ending within a scene/page (like we did here on WordPress), we have to knock out an entire scene and upload that as a full episode. Which means more artwork. Which means we need a break to get ahead of said artwork. But…HEY! That just means more for those of you who were following us on Webtoons. As for those of you who recently started following us on Webtoons, this will just be business as usual.

In the meantime, we’re actively sorting out when we should return. We’d like this break to be only 4 weeks. But stay tuned to this space to find out when BAMN! enters the Webtoons arena again.

See you soon,

Troy-Jeffrey Allen

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